More than 120 Students of Yaremche Schools Have Attended Eco-lessons Print
Thursday, 17 April 2014 16:43

captionOn the occasion of the World Water Day, NGO “Mama-86-Yaremche” held a number of eco-lessons for more than 120 students of local schools, kindergartens and extracurricular groups. This year Water Day campaign is focused on Water and Energy Nexus.

“MAMA-86-Yaremche” in a close cooperation with the Carpathian National Nature Park annually takes an active part in the World Water Day actions. Eco-lessons were traditionally conducted at secondary schools and kindergartens in Vorokhta, Yablonitsa and Mykulychyn villages. Eco-lessons were also held for the kids of the ecology and regional history extracurricular group “Eco-kray”, “Romashka” (Vorokhta) and “Smerichka” (Yablonitsa) kindergartens. In addition, an interactive lesson was organized for students of the Delyatyn educational complex (Nadvirnianskiy district).

Eco-lessons were designed in such a way that information about water and energy would be interesting for students of different ages. So kids and older students learned about the importance of water in human life as well as the necessity to use water economically. The problem of phosphate detergents and their impact on the ecology of rivers and human health was also discussed.

Water issues were the main focus of a number of spring environmental actions and events. During Let's Do It! Ukraine clean-up campaign staff of “Mama-86-Yaremche” and Carpathian National Nature Park have cleaned territories along Bahrivets river and Zhonka river – sources of drinking water supply for Yaremche residents. All participants received information materials for awareness-raising activities in the region.

For information: World Water Day was launched by UN General Assembly and was first held on 22 March 1993. World Water Day is celebrated annually on 22 March as a mean of active informing of broad public and advocacy of water problems. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific water thematic. In 2014, World Water Day is on "Water and Energy Nexus".

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