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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 08:54


(Thesis of the report)

Oleksandr Galagan,
Deputy Head of the landscape laboratory
of the Georgaphy Department Kyiv National University by T.G.Shevchenko

Before designing the project of building up eco-village it is important to receive the following reference data:

  • Topographic map;
  • Engineering-geological  map;
  • Soil map or crop rotation.

Topographic map gives a possibility to get an idea about spatial peculiarities of the territory and conduct preliminary landscape — geochemical analysis of its migration structure (ways of migration of the possible pollutants)

Engineering-geological map gives an idea about strewing rocks and the nature of  underground water bedding.

There is information about soil on soil maps and schemes of crop rotation.

In general such cartographical information is a basis for designing settlement with ecosystem approach application.

Before conducting preliminary environmental investigation of the area based on maps, the plan of work execution should be developed (selection of spots disposition for analysis samples, finding and examination of potentially dangerous objects on adjacent territory, studying of the radiation situation and so on)

After conducting field reconnoitring “plan of work execution” is made more precise.

In the case of finding potentially dangerous objects near the plot, or if they are quite remote, but located within the boundaries of geochemical passages connected to the territory where eco-village should be built, it is necessary to conduct additional analytical investigations of water and soil considering the nature of pollutants, which can move from pollutant objects in to the environment.

During the environmental investigation of selected land plot for eco-village is necessary to conduct the following studies:

  • Analysis of major soil parameters: acidity, mechanical structure, contents of humus (duff), content of  nitrate, provision of microcomponent;
  • Conducting chemical composition analysis of surface and underground water – (in search of  sources of water supply first of all on the content of nitrate, carbonate and iron)

The received geochemical information is important to use during the project development while segregating functional zones (areas) of eco-village.

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