Water and energy problems was discussed by stakeholders on the conference of State Water Agency Print
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 17:16


March 21, 2014, State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine and the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine held the second International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the World Water Day 2014: “Water and Energy”.

The conference took place at the Bortnichi Inter-rayon Department of Water Management named after M.A. Harkusha. The Conference was opened and headed by Mr. Vasyl Stashuk, Head of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine. In his welcome speech to participants V. Stashuk spoke about the history of World Water Day and highlighted an importance of water and energy nexus for Ukraine. Representatives of Regional Water Resources Departments, leading industry institutions, energy and industry sectors, higher education institutions and representatives of NGOs participated in the Conference. The conference program was very rich and many-sided.

The representative of the UNENGO “MAMA-86” — Tetyana Budnyak, assistant of water direction, presented “Problems of integrated water and energy resources management: international and Ukrainian contexts”, showing the actual global and Ukrainian main development trends linking to demography, water and energy sectors, the acute problems of water and energy nexus and possible solutions. In addition information materials were distributed among participants: outlines of the presentation and GWP briefings translated in Ukrainian: “Water Security and National Adaptation Plans”, “Integrated Urban Water Management”, “Regarding to Drought”, Policy Brief “Integrated Urban Water Management: Toward Diversification and Sustainability”.

On behalf of the Global Water Partnership of Ukraine (GWP) Andriy Demydenko presented “Global Water Partnership Strategy to 2020” and indicated major strategic directions of the GWP for the next period and informed the participants about the Integrated Drought Management Program. GWP Ukraine is a partner for IDMP implementation in Ukraine since 2013.

At the end of the Conference, Vasyl Stashuk thanked everyone for interest to the conference issues and invited to participate in the next event dedicated to the anniversary of M.A. Harkusha — International Scientific Conference will be held in September 11, 2014.


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