MAMA-86 Promotes Green Consumer Week’2013 at International Forum “Dnipro Unites” Print
Saturday, 28 September 2013 00:00

130928 kyiv_dnipro_unites_tSeptember 28 2013, Kyiv — MAMA-86 presented the Green Consumer Week’2013 at the International Forum “Dnipro Unites.”

Youth from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia attended the event organized by the Kyiv Minor Academy of Sciences. To promote ideas of sustainable food among the Forum participants, as well as occasional passers-by, MAMA-86 arranged a makeshift stand with promo materials printed for the Green Consumer Week “Environment on Your Plate,” which is underway in Ukraine from September 28 through October 4 within the framework of the Global Green Action Week.

Representatives from the environmental NGO spoke with people and distributed leaflets that explained what “sustainable food” means, why it is that important to eat responsibly toward environment, and simple steps everybody can make toward nature when choosing and consuming food.

The environmentalists also offered the visitors photographing with a tablet with inscription “I eat conscious of environment!” The most active in the photo session were school students.

Please see pictures from the event on the MAMA-86 Facebook page:


Green Consumer Weeks in Ukraine – week-long concentrated awareness campaigns aimed at popularizing environmentally responsible consumption and focused on one of important themes of sustainable consumption – have been carried out since 2012 by the Ukrainian National Environmental NGO "MAMA-86" with support from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and in collaboration with various partner organizations.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has been conducting similar campaigns in their country in October for many years running. These campaigns have helped significantly increase public awareness of advantages of environment-friendly way of living, develop a legal framework that encourages sustainable consumption and prohibits or limits supply of environmentally harmful goods and services, as well as form a circle of eco-responsible producers and sellers who, on their part, further the transition of the Swedish society toward more sustainable consumption behavior.

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