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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 09:28

Summary of local survey report within the framework of People’s Eco-Life Project


Imshenetska D.D., Tsygulyova O.M.
Kharkiv municipal ecological public organization “MAMA-86-Kharkiv”

December, 2008

Within the local survey problems related to forming of energy saving state policy in Kharkiv region and mechanisms of its implementation based on application of renewable and alternative energy has been analyzed and samples of practical application of environmentally friendly technologies and perspectives of their development have been studied.

Scientific and practical activities in the region

Scientific-technical center (STC) for energy and recourses saving in housing and communal services in municipalities, which has been established in Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy, coordinates activities of scientists and lecturers of Academic Scientific-Educational Complex (ASEC) in the field of development of modern energy saving technologies and their widest introduction in Ukrainian national economy.

Scientific-technical center also provides implementation of the newest technologies, projects and measures targeted to increase efficiency of fuel and energy recourses use, on reforming and rehabilitation of housing and communal services, to estimate energy saving potential of housing facilities in Kharkiv region; to create heat pumps’ technologies for heating and water supply; on development of bioenergy technology based on producing and utilization of heat and electricity; on development of facilities for rape biodiesel producing, and also production of fuel briquettes from sunflower biomass; on development of organic manure production and introduction of cogeneration systems.

STC implements also the Programme “Water energy of Ukraine: developing and preparing transition of energy sector of Ukraine to water technologies”

Development of renewable and alternative energy

Wind energy

National aerospace university “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” and private company “World of Wind” are developers of modern small wind energy units with 750 watt capacity (WEU-0.75). According to information presented by the company experts, there are near 200 autonomous wind energy systems consisted of namely small WEU-0.75. Particularly, such unites are located on the roofs of National aerospace university “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” and Kharkiv National University as electricity generators for study laboratories of the Universities


There are several projects on biofuel production in Kharkiv region, it’s planned to use rape that is one of the basic recourses for biodiesel production in Europe. Biodiesel is currently being tested and will completely replace diesel in the future.

It is also planned to re-equip Ivashkivskiy spirit plant at Zolochev rayon that will contribute to reducing of dependence on oil product import to Ukraine. The plant will be equipped for bioethanol production. Wastes of sugar industry — molasses — will be used as raw materials for bioethanol production.

Solar energy

Kharkiv region has all preconditions, e.g. climate particularities, significant scientific capacity, for effective and large-scale use of solar energy.

Nowadays there are technological solutions for production of single-crystal silicon solar batteries for Ukrainian shuttles with efficiency 13—14%, and researches on photoelectric films are actively carried out.

Water sewage and sanitation

Bioplato technique is a bright example of successful application of environmentally friendly technologies for solving problems related to sewage and sanitation. The technique is successfully applied in Kharkiv and Lugansk regions.

It’s the method of water treatment based on use of natural processes of water body self-purification provided by water plants, water microflora and micro-organisms.

The technology is environmentally friendly and design natural process of water self-purification. Its advantages are simple building, low-price compare to other types of water treatment units, energy saving. The term of bioplato exploitation without capital repair is 20—25 years.



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