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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 09:37

Summary of local survey report within the project People’s Eco-Life


Berezhna Y.,
Poltava municipal ecological public organization

December 2008.

The analysis of environmental problems in Poltava region demonstrated that most relevant problems for the city are the one linked with construction, maintenance and reconstruction of water sewage systems and sewage treatment facilities.

Nowadays in Poltava region active work on creating system of region environmental management is implemented, a number of purpose oriented programmes are developed, research works are done, new technical environmental protection solutions and projects are developed. In the region there is a number of conducted ecological actions, that are oriented to control the situation in the region and also there is effective educational work.

Regional Programmes:

  • “Regional branch programme on obsolete pesticides management in 2006—2010”;
  • “Integrated programme of waste management in Poltava region in 2005—2011”;
  • “Programme of designing and equipping ecological network of Poltava regions in 2000—2015”;
  • “Programme for environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources and support of environmental policy taking into the consideration regional priorities of Poltava region before 2010” was approved by 18th session of regional soviet of the 23rd convocation dated 12 July, 2001;
  • “Programme about implementation measures in the region in 1997—2000 and during the period before the year 2010. National programme on ecological rehabilitation of the Dnieper basin and drinking water quality improvement before 2010”
  • “Regional purpose-oriented programme for comprehensive development of forestry “Forests of Poltava before year 2015”;
  • “Programme of environmental monitoring in Poltava region in 2005—2009”;
  • “Regional programme on flooding consequences elimination in villages and towns of Poltava region in 2003—2030”;
  • “Programme of hunting development in Poltava region during 2008—2013”.

Steps to regulate environmental problems of the region

  • During years 2007—2008 State Ecology Inspectorate in Poltava region has checked 32 domestic waste landfill products and garbage dumps that are used by communal enterprises of towns and villages of the region.
  • By the Order of Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine dated 25.09.2007 № 495 inspections directed to fulfilling the license terms in the sphere of dangerous waste management and also enterprises that perform transportation of dangerous consignments, have been conducted.

Research and innovative projects

  • Research work “Realization of observation network optimization of environmental conditioning Poltava region” (was conducted in cooperation with specialists from Ukrainian research institute of ecological problems in Kharkiv, 2006—2007).
  • “The analysis of implementing complex environment protection programme in Poltava city during 2001—2005, “Ecology-2005”. The analysis was conducted during the period of year 2006 and results were published in the issue #3 of Ecologic library of Poltava region. The purpose of the analysis is to investigate the execution state of the “Environment protection programme, sustainable use of natural resources and support of environmental policy taking into the consideration regional priorities of Poltava region during the period before the year 2010”, during the first 5 years, define priority trends in environmental policy of the region and evaluate if economical mechanism of environmental problems solving in Poltava is effective. The information received during the years of research became a base for corrective actions of the programme decisions.
  • Project oriented to build “National nature park “Nyzhnyosul’s’kyi”, 2006—2007. The project was implemented within the action framework of Oblast special-purpose programme of complex forestry development “Forests of Poltava region before year 2015”).
  • Informational — educational project “Ecological library of Poltava region” (development of the project was conducted in 2004). Up to date 5 issues of the library have been already published and they present wide informative-analytical material about the condition and status of environmental situation in regions and cities of Poltava region, its connection to changes in the health conditions of the population and social-demographic processes. Published information is oriented not only on the specialists in the field of environment and health, but first of all on the youth and students, even though the first issues have got a status of scientific publications, nevertheless, the main purpose of them is educational.
  • Joint European Project “Tempus 2006”, the purpose of which is to create Agro-ecological informational-consulting center (AEICC) in Poltava city with the assistance of universities from the cities Hohenheim and Shtudgart (Germany), Warsaw Agrarian Academy to resolve the following issues:2007—2009. evaluation and selection of potential lands for growing environmentally safe agricultural products, choice and methods argumentation for rational land use, conducting analysis and monitoring environmental conditions of growing and producing environmentally pure and safe products, evaluate the potential of food products safety in Ukraine according to the law and norms of the EU etc. Terms of the project implementation are2007—2009.

Activity of public organisations

In year 2001 public Ecological council of Poltava[1] was created. Today this organization combines all the efforts of all non-governmental organizations in environmental protection field. Major tasks of the Ecological council activity are: conducting independent monitoring of environmental and social-demographic situation in the region, public appraisal of project and programme decisions in the field and also development of programme documents; conducting educational activity. But main responsibility of the Ecological council was and it is working out effective professional relations between local authorities, business institutions, scientists, youth and public.

Ecological Council of Poltava in 2002—2003 established regional informational-monitoring center. The main goal of IMC is to create possibilities for efficient and professional response to the problems solving and tasks of environmental importance.

Examples of eco-technology application

  • Farm “Agroecology” implements technologies of organic farming. Almost the whole crop of the farm is exported, namely — milk, beef, pork, wheat, sugar beet, barley and maize.
  • VAT “NDIemalhimmash” and NT KOLAN implement environment protection technology of recycling oil car filters. As a result original design of super filter was created and it has got law protection in the number of countries as an object of intellectual property.

[1] Council was established in Poltava regional state eco-resources administration. By the date 01.01.2007 y. council included 29 non-governmental ecological organizations. From the very beginning the head of the council is Golik Y.S., assistant professor of ecological department in Poltava national technological university by Yurii Kondratyuk, a member of Engineering Academy of Ukraine, head of the scientific board of Poltava regional department of Ecological League. The complete list of public Ecological council of Poltava participants can be found here: http://www.eco-poltava.gov.ua/gromad.htm


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