Street action “Environmentally Clean Laundry for Ukrainians” Print
Friday, 19 October 2012 14:24

captionOn the 13th of October 2012 in the framework of the national campaign “Green Consumer Week — 2012” at the central street of Kyiv — Khreschatyk a dynamic and interesting activity “Environmentally Clean Laundry for Ukrainians!” took place.

The organizer of the event became UNENGO “MAMA-86” with support of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). The aim of the activity was to draw public attention to the problem of using detergents containing large amounts of phosphates and surfactants and informing of importance of sustainable consumption choice for our health and environment.

During the activity volunteers, dressed up in special costumes, informed the kyivites and guests of the city about hazard of detergents containing large amount of phosphates and surfactants, and taught everyone how to read labels and define safe detergents in a supermarket.

The program of the event also included music, contests with prizes and a special feedback board “Eco-blanket”, where everyone could leave his or her impressions of the event or wishes for the organizers.

Besides, everyone could test his or her ability to create gigantic soap bubbles. 

In the framework of the street action over 2 thousand leaflets with information on risks of using detergents with large amounts of phosphates, surfactants and other hazardous chemical substances and practical recommendations which will help consumers to make a right choice.

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