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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 09:17

Summary of local survey report within the framework of People’s Eco-Life Project


Kozlova V.A.
Environmental Public Organization

December, 2008

Since Donetsk oblast is the biggest industrial region of Ukraine the problems of energy saving, effective use of energy and environmental protection are the most relevant.

The biggest numbers of energy consuming enterprises, which consume the fourth part from the total energy resources of the whole country, are in Donetsk region. Power engineering of the region is represented by thermal electric power station, that mostly use energy low-calories coal and they are very powerful sources of environmental pollution.

Completed and operating regional programmes

  1. “Complex programme of Artemovsk City Council on energy saving during years 2006—2010”. Approved by City Council resolution dated 26.07.2006 №5/4-66. This programme has developed steps turned to improve economic mechanisms — change morally obsolete, shabby equipment and fittings, introduce new technologies, equipment and household appliances.
  2. “Plan of innovative development of Artemovsk City Council area in 2008—2010”. This plan foresees 56 steps of innovative development. Main goals of area development are:
    • Build innovative-investment model of economic development in order to ensure a high speed of economic growth;
    • To increase level of state social standards;
    • Improvement of compensation system;
    • To stimulate employment and create new working places in order to increase living standards of the population;
    • Create conditions for thorough and harmonious human being development;
    • Develop entrepreneurship and create equal conditions for market participants.
  3. “Programme of activities with regard to implementing new schemes of domestic waste management on the territory which belongs to Artemivsk City Council in 2007—2009”. Within this programme during the first stage it was planned to prepare and carry out an experiment on implementing waste separation in one of the city areas. Organize and experiment on individual voluntarily waste composting, develop a new scheme of collecting large size waste by creating special places for collecting large size waste in order to strip and utilize it and also prepare technical-economical ground that could evaluate potential decisions on green waste disposal including its composting. Also modernization and development of transport pool was planned, obtaining dustcart with bin lift, renewal and replenishment of existing container depot, projecting and building new container grounds, inventory of unlawful rubbish heaps — their elimination and renovation, creation and expansion of the recycled resources service receiving centers network. In 2010 it was suggested to develop and implement a new scheme directed to the collection of dangerous domestic wastes for utilization in order to exclude environmental pollution according to the Ukrainian law and European experience.
  4. “Programme to replace capacity of thermal electric power stations to wind energy power stations” was developed in 2003 by Donetsk regional state administration together with “Windenergo” company. Programme is expected to increase a quote of electric energy which produced by wind generators up to 20—30% out of a total volume of produced electric energy in the region.

Development of renewable and alternative energy

Wind energy

Since year 2003 in the village Bezimenne of Donetsk region Novoazov electric power station which belongs to the state enterprise “VItroenergoprom” is run. Electric power station uses wind generators of the Dnipropetrovsk plant “Yuzhmash” our of which 186 aggregates with output of 100 kW each for 3 aggregates with output of 600 kW.

At the time being wind generators for personal utilization are used in Donetsk region, even though average annual speed of the wind on the height of 10 meters is more than 5 m/s which is propitious for their use.


Companies like, “Sinaps”, VAT “Dontehprom”, “AusterDon” are working in a region in the field of supply and development of energy effective equipment

Public organizations activity

Public organization “Latavytsya” supported by Eurasia fund in 2002—2008 was implementing a project “Bio energy: receive energy from waste”, which was specially developed for rural areas. During the project a database of the equipment suppliers was created, the analysis of the most effective technologies was conducted; a couple of models of receiving energy from alternative sources have been developed. The project was implemented in Mar’inskyi, Starobeshevskyi and Krasnoarmijskyi areas of the region and targets of the project were clubs, libraries, kindergartens, first-aid and obstetrical stations. As a result of using wastes the heating expenses decreased considerably and people received important economic effect.

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