Major Achievements of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Campaign in 2011 Print
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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 14:49

UNENGO “MAMA-86” started in 2011 in the framework of the campaign “Drinking Water and Sanitation” an active work on local and national level to advance understanding of the UN principles regarding provision of the right for water and sanitation. A number of theme round tables and seminars have been conducted in the framework of such work.

In particular, instrument of planning and provision of drinking water quality, Plan of Provision of Drinking Water Safety (Plan of Water Safety), has been presented in Ukraine for the first time. To reach this goal, UNENGO “MAMA-86” and European Bureau of the World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted seminar “Plans of water safety as an instrument to guarantee the right for water for consumers of centralized water supplies”.75 professionals from all over Ukraine, among of which 32 representatives of the oblast, rayon and city departments of the State Sanitation and Epidemiology Service of Ukraine, 13 representatives of the water supply services, 28 representatives of power bodies, associations, foundations and Non-governmental organizations (NGO), which work in the field of water supplies and water cleaning, as well as representatives of the scientific and educational institutions from 20 cities in 12 oblasts of Ukraine, have participated in the seminar.

Researches, educational events and round tables devoted to the issues of provision of Ukrainians by water and sanitation services and the problems connected to the quality of drinking water and a quality as well as economic accessibility of these services to different groups of population ( have been conducted by MAMA-86 as of 2011 in 9 cities of Ukraine: Kirovohrad, Nova Kakhovka, Feodosiya, Mykolaiv, Yaremche, Poltava, Artemivsk, Sevastopol and Nizhyn. Events, in which participated over 300 participants, have been held under support of Water Supply Service Cooperation Committee (WSSCC). A booklet the “Right for Water and Sanitation. Legislative Base and the Situation in Ukraine” has been published as a result of the research of legislative basis for provision of those rights on the national level in 9 regions of Ukraine. UNENGO “MAMA-86” has continued to lobby taking into the account remarks from the civic society regarding the draft National Goals and Indicators to the Protocol on Water and Health on national level, throughout participation into the Working Group to set up National Goal’s Indicators, and on the regional level as well. A booklet the “National Goal Indicators of Ukraine to the Protocol on Water and Health” has been prepared, published and circulated among all of the interested parties. ()

Regional activists of the initiative group “Izmail-MAMA-86” under support of UNENGO “MAMA-86” have conducted a number of events to clean up garbage from Ukrainian part of the river Danube’s bed, a competition “Youth for the Clean Danube”, interactive seminar “Virtual Journey throughout Danube,” Youth Danube Ecoforum in a city of Izmail and the “Wreath of Danube” Festival in a city of Reni. All the above-mentioned events have been devoted to Danube Day-2011 (