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Thursday, 23 January 2014 18:26

Leader of the Water Department in the МАМА-86 Anna Tsvietkova participated in the beginning of 2013 in the civic evaluation of environmental part of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the framework of the monitoring of execution of the Association’s Agenda and Roadmaps of Eastern Partnership for 2012. As a result of work, indicators have been worked out and evaluation tables in the field of development of the national implementation instruments in compliance with the Convention on Protection and Usage of Trans-Border Rivers and International Lakes (including relevant Acts to this Convention, in particular Protocol on Water and Health). Results of this evaluation were presented during the seminar of NGOs in Kyiv in February 2013.

МАМА-86 together with State Epidemiology Service of Ukraine and under political support of Environment Protection Ministry have conducted pilot project on testing of self-evaluation instrument on provision of equal right for water and sanitation in Ukraine on the national and local (Sevastopol, Crimea) level. City of Paris and Portugal have participated in this pilot project except Ukraine. The Government of France assisted in development of this project. It allowed to test and improve the instrument developed by the European experts for usage by the governments and different interested parties involved in solution of problems of the Protocol on Water and Health regarding provision of equal access to the water and sanitation in the pan-European region. Using this mechanism, for the first time the situation with equal access to the water and sanitation in Ukraine has been analyzed. Thanks to the results of the pilot projects, the final variant of the instrument was approved by the Third meeting of the Parties of Protocol in November 2013. Regional organizations of МАМА-86 in Artemivsk (Donetsk oblast), Kirovohrad and Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast) started in the end of 2013 their work of self-evaluation on the local level with usage of the instrument of self-evaluation with assistance of GWP of Central and Eastern Europe.

Representative of the МАМА-86 Hanna Tsvietkova was included in February 2013 to the inter-ministry working group on implementation of the Protocol. Implementation of testing pilot project and helped a work of initiative and inter-ministry groups on preparation of short National Report on the progress of implementation of the Protocol for the Third meeting of the Parties of Protocol in Oslo on 25-27 Nov. 2013. All the remarks of МАМА-86 to the draft short Report have been taken into consideration in the final document. A Meeting of Parties of the Protocol has discussed ways of provision of equal right for water and sanitation.

МАМА-86 in 2013 participated in development of the online course of lectures GWP Ukraine “Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) under Conditions of Climate Change: Ukraine’s Experience” aimed at advancing of theory and practice of the IWRM in Ukraine and abroad among professionals in water sphere and colleagues from GWP of Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. 6 lectures of the GWP-Ukraine experts have been published at YouTube within 2013. More than 900 users have watched the lectures within 6 months, around 10 requests by the colleagues to use this course by the lecturers in higher institutions of Ukraine and abroad had been received.

МАМА-86 coordinates as of July 2013 implementation in Ukraine of the International Program on Drought Management (IPDM), which has been launched by the GWP and the World Meteorology Organization (WMO). The Program is aimed at analyzing of policy in the sphere of management of natural (water, land and forest) resources under condition of drought. In a framework of the program which will last from July 2013 to March 2015, the first 2 reports on pilot projects in Ukraine have been prepared already. The first pilot project is devoted to studying the best practices of drought management and forests in Ukraine, GWP of Bulgaria, Lithuania and Slovenia. Analysis of basic climate trends has been made and the information on agro-climate zoning of Ukraine and river Dniester’s bed has been presented in a framework of a second pilot project. МАМА-86 together with Ukrainian Hydrometeorology Center and GWP-Ukraine conducted on 10 Dec. 2013 a national dialogue with all interested parties on the issues of drought management.

МАМА-86 and its regional organizations organized and conducted in 2013 such events:

World Water Day

Information and Educational Action for Participants of Students’ Republic in Kyiv devoted to Water Cooperation Year.

Dnieper Day

Ethno-Ecological Action “To Water with Love!”

World Toilet Day

МАМА-86-Yaremche helped build 2 ecotoilets in the Carpathian National Nature Park and on the rout to the Huk waterfall (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast). МАМА-86 and МАМА-86-Аrtemivsk (Donetsk oblast) cooperated on the issues of advancement of dry toilets with partners in Lviv (ECOinform and Western Center of the Ukrainian Division of the World Laboratory).

МАМА-86-Nova Kakhovka with participation of UNENGO МАМА-86 and a support of the GWP-Ukraine conducted 31 Oct. – 1 Nov. 2013 Seminar-training themed “Safe Water Supply and Sanitation in the Rural Areas” aimed at raising knowledge of the local powers and interested parties about modern access and economically permittable and technically accessible modern attitudes to the problems of water supply and cleaning of sewage waters in rural areas. Professionals of the Institute of Problems of Ecology from Kharkiv also participated in the seminar. Representatives of 10 village communities, Sanitary-Epidemiology Service of Kherson oblast and media participated actively in discussion of the seminar’s topic and excursion to the objects of water supply services of Nova Kakhovka (Kherson oblast) and other regions.