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Thursday, 23 January 2014 18:12

МАМА-86 published in 2012 electronic digest of news regarding the issues of implementation of the Water Convention and the Protocol on Water and Health in the European region, the “News Waterfall.” 7 issues of the news in Russian and English for NGOs and other interested parties in Ukraine and the European region in a framework of the project “Strengthening of Knowledge and Stengthening of the Civic Society Role in an Advancing and Implementation of the Water Convention EEC-UN and its Protocol on the Water and Health” have been published.

Hanna Tsvietkova, MAMA-86’s representative, as an expert on the Protocol, participated in 3 regional events: a seminar of NGOs of Dniester river basin in Chisinau on June 13; in Dnieper Forum of NGOs in Kyiv on 6-7 July and in a meeting of civic activists on water issues in Alma-Aty. She has presented tasks of the Protocol on Water and Health and MAMA-86 experience regarding participation of civic activists in the implementation of this Protocol in Ukraine. One of the results of those regional events has become issuing of the statement of European NGOs, which deal with problems of water resources in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, approved by the 6th meeting of the Parties of Convention on Protection and Usage of Trans-border Water Flaws and International Lakes.

МАМА-86 was an initiator and one of the organizers of Dnieper Forum of civic activists, which was held 6-7 July 2012 and was funded by the UN, Global Water Partnership (GWP)-Ukraine and the UNDP-GEF Program on the Ecological Sanation of the Dnieper river. 88 NGOs’ representatives and interested parties in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine have discussed environmental problems and ways of their solution, NGOs, which work in the region of Dnieper river, consolidation and exchanged the experience of participation by the civic activists in the implementation of the Water Convention and its Protocol on Water and Health. Major results of the Dnieper Civic Forum were adoption of Resolution of the Forum and Appeal of the Ukrainian NGOs to the political leaders of Ukraine and to the national bodies responsible for policy in the sphere of water resources and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Dnieper river management, which have been spread in the media, among NGOs of the countries situated in the river’s region , and have been directed to the state and local power bodies of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Continuing its work on advancing of instruments of provision of the right on water and sanitation in Ukraine, МАМА-86 has organized in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO’s) European Bureau second seminar-training on the issues of Water Safety Plans implementation. The seminar was conducted on 12 April 2012 (“Water Safety Plans” (WSP)) in cooperation with Ukrainian partner, Association “UkrVodoKanalEkolohiya” and under support of the Ministry on Construction and Regional Development of Ukraine, SIDA, WHO Office to Ukraine. 42 representatives of water supply institutions, the Ministry, SIDA, WHO Office to Ukraine and Ukrainian experts have participated in that training.

Aimed at spreading the information regarding implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health in Ukraine, «МАМА-86» published in Jan. 2012 booklet “National Goal Indicators to the Protocol on Water and Health in Ukraine”. 12 regional МАМА-86 organizations have received those booklets for further circulation.

МАМА-86-Feodosiya (Crimea) organized in July 2012 a round table regarding local goal indicators to the Protocol and discussed local problems concerning the access to water and sanitation.

МАМА-86 central office and regional organizations’ representatives have organized and taken active part in the events devoted to the World Water Day, and to the Global Day of Hands Washing, which have been conducted on the national (presentation regarding equal rights for water and sanitation in Ukraine) and local levels.

МАМА-86 had participated in development of civic evaluation of implementation of EcoStrategy in its part, which deals with water resources management in 2011.