The 6th World Water Forum presents its “GLOBAL WATER FRAMEWORK” Print
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Friday, 07 September 2012 16:13

 Every three years since 1997, the World Water Forum has mobilized creativity, innovation, expertise and know-how on Water and Sanitation. It has provided a platform to the international water community for exchange and progress on local, regional and global issues into a common framework of objectives. The overarching goal is to improve consideration of Water and Sanitation in political agendas at all scales.

Using the results of previous Forums and other international meetings, the 6th World Water Forum “Time for Solutions” has adopted a strategic approach to promote solutions and trigger or strengthen commitments. This approach has been implemented through four preparatory processes: political, thematic, regional, and grassroots and citizenship.

The report follows the design of these preparatory processes and is enriched by the outcomes and outputs of the Forum week event (12–17 March, 2012). Each session, event, or category of events is summarized and related commitments and follow-up actions are briefly listed at the end of each section. The report also offers links to the Forum Library, to the Platform of Solutions and Commitments, and to the 6th World Water Forum Website in order to provide a comprehensive access to the whole range of Forum outputs, be they synthesis reports, target reports including action plans, session presentations, brief session reports, videos, etc.

The report is available on website: