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Friday, 07 September 2012 15:46

It has become a good tradition — to organize every year the Eco-TIRAS Dniester youth summer schools, which unite the youth (age 16–22) from both banks of the Dniester River, to promote the river and other democratic values among the youngsters.

The Youth Summer School (YSS) “Dniester — 2012” took place from the 5th to 14th of July on the pictorial place of the Dniester bank (the Village of Saharna, Rezina Rayon of Moldova).

The Youth Summer School — 35 youngsters from Moldova and 35 — from Transnistria — came here not sporadically. The selection was organized by the NGOs of the Dniester River basin according to the level of activity in environmental protection, enthusiasm, as well as willingness to find new friends and to get closer to people from the other bank. The creative and sportive skills were also welcomed, which was demonstrated by different certificates and awards received in school, creation and sport. There were many of those who wanted to participate in such YSS, but it was necessary to work hardly the previous year and demonstrate pawn capacities.

The objective of such Eco-TIRAS summer schools is to make the youth of two Dniester banks closer to each other, to overcome stereotypes in inter-relations, to teach the responsibility towards the environment and mutual tolerance to people around independently from ethnicity, race and language.

The trainers, who worked with children, also represented two banks. They are NGO leaders, teachers and scientists — the team of well-educated creative people.

The YSS Agenda included several components: educational program, sportive events, discovery (excursions), creative master-classes (revelation and development of creative features and intellectual events — brain rings, competitions.

The experts were invited to the lectures and practical trainings with the youth — scientists from Chisinau and Tiraspol — ecologists, botanists, zoologists, historians, geographers, climatologists, medical doctors etc. It is necessary to note, that experts’ participation in expedition was not only a will of organizers, but also of scientists themselves. The lectures were so interesting, that even after the year of studying in schools and exams the youth enthusiastically took part in the trainings.

The youngsters not only listened, but worked actively: developed capacities in projects writing and adopted decisions, etc. We have to recognize that solutions proposed were realistic and well prepared, and could be useful for decision makers and politicians.

The excursions were organized to picturesque sites of the region: the Old Orhei, Saharna Monastery, Tipova Monastery, Stroentsy (Rayon Camenca). At the final point participants met the expedition on kayaks along the Dniester river, in which 40 university students from Moldova and Transnistria participated. Such educational expedition was organized by Eco-TIRAS with support of the Finnish Embassy along the river sector from the Village of Hrusca to the Village of Saharna. The scope of such expeditions is to familiarize the participants with the environmental status of the river, the history and culture of lands along the river, and evidently, also the overcoming of stereotypes and trust building. The participants of two events jointly organized a concert and excursion in Stroentsy as well as the excursion to the village and suburbs of Stroentsy, rich in landscapes and historical heritage.

On July 14 the participants in the expedition came to the Village Saharna, where the big Round Table on Dniester issues was organized. The expedition participants described their impressions from the expedition, current river status and shared views.

The youth was troubled by the very shallow Dniester River, not authorized waste storages along the beaches, cutting of trees and forests etc.

A lot of time was given to intellectual and sportive games.

One of days was dedicated to football with participation of Mr. Keita Abdrahmane, the leader of African community in Moldova, as a judge. The match between the teams of the YSS and of kayaks’ expedition was supported by the Polish “Never Again” NGO and this is not occasional. “Never Again” monitored the EURO 2012 Championship, being member of Association FARE (football against racism).

On July 15 both teams moved to the River Festival to the Village Cioburciu, Slobozia Rayon, where received the certificates of participation in YSS and expedition. Two officials — the Vice-Minister of agriculture and natural resources and the Vice-Minister of culture of Transnistria took part in official part, as well as guests from Moldova and Odessa. Scientists, local authorities from TR and MD, journalists, NGOs, parents of YSS participants, as well as villagers and mass-media participated there. Maija Valivaara, the Finnish Embassy representative also welcomed the Festival participants, answering to the question, why the Finnish government supports the improvement of the Dniester River transboundary cooperation as a way to build a better future. The events were highlighted in mass media:


The River Festival followed up with the concert where different art collectives took part. Among them was the band “Viorica”, popular in Transnistria. Several presentations were prepared by the YSS participants. It was a real holiday for guests and local villagers.

The YSS and its three expeditions were supported by: OSCE Mission to Moldova, Finnish Embassy in Bucharest, National Endowment for Democracy (USA), Economic Commission for Europe, Newer Again NGO (Poland).



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