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News Waterfall - News Waterfall #5
Monday, 08 October 2012 17:02

At Stockholm World water week 2012 GWP launched 4 new publications:

Groundwater Resources and Irrigated Agriculture — making a beneficial relation more sustainable, Perspectives Paper

Globally, irrigated agriculture is the largest abstractor and predominant consumer of groundwater resources. In many arid and drought-prone areas, unconstrained use is causing serious aquifer depletion and environmental degradation. This new GWP publication argues for cross-sector dialogue and an integrated vision because of the close links among agricultural irrigation, surface water and groundwater resources.

Water Demand Management: The Mediterranean Experience, Technical Focus Paper

A water crisis is a reality in many Mediterranean countries, threatening economic growth and livelihoods. This Technical Focus Paper is prepared with the aim of making the region’s Water Demand Management knowledge and experience accessible to policymakers and others around the world. It provides a picture of the Mediterranean’s cooperation process and presents examples of implementing WDM in selected Mediterranean countries.

Water Security and Climate Resilient Development: Technical Background Document, Technical Background Document

The Technical Background Document to the Strategic Framework for Water Security and Climate Resilient Development outlines a detailed approach to help users identify and develop no/low regrets investments, integrate these into development plans, programs and processes, and influence future investments and economic development programs so they become more resilient to climate change and variability.

Addressing Escalating Urban Water Demands, New GWP, Technical Background Paper No 16

Growing competition, conflicts, shortages, waste and degradation of water resources make it imperative to rethink conventional concepts — to shift from an approach that attempts to manage different aspects of urban water cycle in isolation to an integrated approach supported by all stakeholders. This GWP Technical Committee Background paper (No. 16) discusses different aspects of the urban water cycle and demonstrates how an integrated approach can contribute to water security.